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Ozzie and Kimmy are a pair of demon slayers who use their supernatural powers to protect New Jersey from the forces of darkness. But they may have met their match when their friend Austin presents them with a haunted record that contains the imprisoned spirit of a powerful Demon Lord...
The clock is ticking as the habitually-tardy Ozzie races to get to class on time or suffer a failing grade. Unfortunately for her, the monstrously powerful Alastor and his cronies are out for blood! Meanwhile, Austin pulls the ever-reclusive Kimmy out of her comfort zone for a night of "fun".
While waiting in line for Palzos--the newest toys-to-life sensation that's swept the nation--Ozzie and Kimmy's new friends demand to hear about the events that have led to their current predicament.
Ozzie and Kimmy continue to reminisce about the past, the vampires that turned her, their first meeting with Grimsley, alternate dimensions and the secret war they've been fighting this past year...
The flashback comes to an end as Ozzie and Kimmy recount their first victory over the vampires. In the present, Alastor begins making plans for revenge, and a new threat starts making its way to Gloomburg...
As Matt tries to unlock the secret behind the vampires' plan, Kimmy deals with the mounting pressure from college, mysterious mail and a new spacetime-warping demon hellbent on kidnapping her. Thankfully Austin is there to shoulder some of the load! Meanwhile, Alastor sets his sights on Nora--and intends to take over her body!
Our heroes are pushed to their limit! Trapped in another dimension, Kimmy must master Grimsley's strongest abilities if she wants to have any hope of defeating the Demon Lord Dantalion. Back in the Human Realm, it's up to Ozzie alone to stop Alastor and his new partner Malphas from stealing Nora's body. Can she protect Nora from the darkest of fates?