Sep.29.16 at 03:41 pm

This isn't Ozzie-related, but my first webcomic Station Square, is now updating again after a long hiatus! Updates are planned to be on Tuesdays and Fridays, to compliment Ozzie. Check it out! 

May.10.16 at 11:35 pm

I will be at TCAF this weekend. I will not be tabling! Nor will I have any books with me. So this news post is really to the benefit of no-one. But if you see me, feel free to say hi!

Mar.02.16 at 06:21 pm

Hey! Ozzie the Vampire is now on Patreon!! For now I’m keeping things simple– subscribing will get you access to a behind-the-scenes blog where you’ll see character designs and concepts for Ozzie and my other comic projects. In the future I’ll be adding extra tiers, PDF comics, commissions and possibly even streams if that’s something y’all are interested in! 

Jan.13.16 at 07:52 pm

Phew after a marathon of complications both hardware and software related we're finally back to regular updates! Shoutout to the amazing folks over at Hiveworks for helping me out with my site's troubles, and shoutout to the gods for Not Totally Screwing Me and making it possible to recover all my necessary files off a dead hard drive. 

Episode 3 has begun a little bit ago actually, with pages airing over at my Tumblr page, but in case you missed that you have 9 new pages to check out! Happy 2016 folks, here's hoping things normalize from here on out!

Nov.10.15 at 10:46 am
"Hiatus"... the word no webcomic fan wants to hear. Sadly, my computer has gone kaput, and with it the pages I've completed of the upcoming Episode 3 so far. Until I can get things fixed/a new computer the mainline story will have to be put on hold for the time being. :T I'm really bummed about this, because I was super excited to get to Ep. 3's story.

In the meantime though, I'm going to try to do some smaller stories that take place in the 2 weeks or so between Episode 2 and 3, so there will still definetly be new content for you guys to read & enjoy.

Thanks for your patience!
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