Episode 05: The Vampire Strikes Back - Page 70
posted Jan.28.19 at 07:46 pm

And that's it for Episode 5! Thanks for reading everyone. Ozzie the Vampire will return on February 28th with a brand new story. In the meantime there will be some guest updates and bonus content, so keep an eye out!

See you all then! 

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Mar.28.19 at 05:26 pm
Ozzie the Vampire Volume 1 is back in stock in limited quantities on my store! Grab one if you’re not gonna make TCAF! 


Speaking of TCAF, I'll be exhibiting there this year! If you're willing to trek to the mysterious, magical land of Canada, or are blessed enough to already live there come have a merry time with me. Ozzie the Vampire Volume 2 should be debuting there, and I also hope to have a brand new Kimmy-themed minicomic. 


Also, I've started a new itch.io page for digital PDF versions of my other comics! Debuting there is the new remastered and colored version of Monster Country #1. I'll be putting more content up there steadily throughout the year.

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