Episode 05: The Vampire Strikes Back - Page 47
posted Oct.15.18 at 07:41 pm

no point asking when it is/no point asking who's to go/no point asking what's the game/no point asking who's to blame/cuz if you're gonna die (if you're gonna die) cuz if you're gonna die (if you're gonna die) if you're gonna die/die with your boots on!


EDIT: Just a heads up, due to some unforseen LIFE COMPLICATIONS there won't be a 2nd Ozzie update this week, we'll be resuming schedule on Monday! Sorry!

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May.06.19 at 07:38 pm

My two latest books– Ozzie the Vampire Volume 2 and Monster Country #1 Color Edition are now available in my store!


If you can’t make TCAF this weekend they’re available here in limited quantity. 

Ozzie the Vampire Volume 2 is 280 pages and collects Episodes 3, 4 and 5 (Blood Line, This Immortal Coil and The Vampire Strikes Back respectively)

Monster Country #1 Color Edition is 32 pages and a reprint of the original 2011 comic now in full color with remastered artwork. (Monster Country #1 is also available digitally here)

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