Episode 05: The Vampire Strikes Back - Page 17
posted May.24.18 at 09:33 pm

Gonna be out of town the next few days, so there won't be an update on Monday. Gonna try to be able to update next Thursday still though, but we'll see! 

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Aug.20.18 at 07:45 pm

So hey! News! Ozzie the Vampire Volume 1 is finally on the way! This book will collect Episodes 1 and 2 of the main story, the original Ozzie the Vampire minicomic "Rest In Pizza" and a bunch of other bonuses including some brand new material! The book is planned to debut at the Small Press Expo in September. Volume 2, collecting Episodes 3, 4 and 5 is currently planned to release in 2019. 


Speaking of Small Press Expo, I'll be there! This was kind of a last minute deal, so I'm still scrambling to figure out exactly what I can bring with me to sell but I'll update this space soon with further details. 

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